GClab Project Potential Risks Potential Benefits Risk Reduction & reversal Translation & Newcos
Aging reversal via gene therapyOverpopulation, ossification of dogmaRetain experts. Longer term plans. Reduce end-of-life costs.Trend to fertility <2 + population drain to spaceRejuvenatebio
EEHV & cold-resistant elephantsLike wolves in yellowstone & cane toads in Australia 1400 Gton arctic C (much of it CH4, 25X worse than CO2)Revive & Restore
Cyanobacteria resistant to all phage via recodingToo much C or P sequestrationUp to 50 Gton C per yr fixed (global fuel use = 9 Gton/yr)64-x
Mirror cyanobacteriaToo much C or P sequestrationUp to 150 Gton C per yr fixed
Semi-synthetic human brain components in vitroSimilar to AI risksLower power, easier BCI (than silicon)TransparencyTFome
Harnessing exceptional cognitive & behavioral allelesSimilar to AI risksContinuity with current "working" ethics, enhanced diversityTransparency, Open consentPGP Memory
Reducing diseases via gene drivesOverpopulation; error/terrorReduce Lyme, Malaria, povertyDaisy Drives
Genome modification for space travelLowered concern for earth problemsBackup earth, diversify culturesConsortium for Space Genetics
Full recycling habitats for space & earthLowered concern for earth problemsNo infections, low power, de-risk colonies & test diverse social systemsConsortium for Space Genetics
Reducing psychiatric disordersLoss of diversityReduce major sources of violence, poverty, GCRWide discussion/education
Ubitquitous molecular surveillance of synth & natural epidemicsFirst strikeReduce major sources of GCRONT
De-extinction and/or novel speciesGain &/or loss of diversityEcosystem optimizationLarge herbivores easily spottedRevive & Restore
"Synthetic-developmental biology" as atomically precise, scalable 3D printing.Similar to 3D printing gunsRadical cost lowering & democratization of manufacturing.TFome
Radiation resistanceFirst strikeSpace & nuclear industries
Genome project write (GPW), resistance to all virusesEugenics, first strike, cancerBetter protein, cell, organ manufacturingBiocontainmentEngineering Biology
Universal WGS & matchmaking for severe genetic diseasesEugenics, privacy, equityReduce poverty & health care costsEducation, encryption+blockchain, Low cost Nebula.org
Ubitquitous video surveillance via DNA-tapeLoss of privacy, 1984Better deterence & debuggingDNA data

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