Mission: Transformative Technologies for Reading & Writing 3D/4D structures at any scale -- inspired by, but not limited by, biology -- with attention to ethics, safety, security, equitable costs, & communication (See also: HMS mission & GClab grant proposals)

Class GC-lab Project Translation & Newcos
Developmental BioCell atlas, Rosetta lineage/DNA/RNA/protein 3D in situ MICrONs, Readcoor
Semi-syn organ, stem cell & brain components GCTx-TFome
Synthetic-morphogenesis: atomically-precise, scalable 3D printing
Info processingUbiquitous surveillance via DNA-tape DNA data
Exceptional cognitive & behavioral allelesPGP Memory
AI-ML for protein design: AARS, Ab, integrases, AAV DynoTx, Manifold, Nabla
MedicalAging reversal via gene therapyRejuvenatebio
Reducing diseases via gene drivesDaisy Drives
Reducing neuro/psychiatric disordersAlzheimer's
GenomicsGenome project write (GPW), resistance to all virusesEngineering Biology
ET Space BioGenome & microbiome modification for spaceConsortium for
Space Genetics
Radiation resistance & SETG2001-2021
Full recycling habitats for space & earth (Biobox)
DiagnosticsWide surveillance of synthetic & natural pathogens (BioWeatherMap)ONT, Roswell
Universal WGS & matchmaking for severe genetic diseasesNebula, Digid8
ChemistryMirror bacteriaBiocontainment
EEHV & cold-resistant elephantsRevive & Restore
De-extinction and/or novel species

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